Free Online YouTube to WAV Converter 2022

YouTube is undoubtedly the most established and well-known online video sharing platform. One can browse millions of videos on YouTube, be it, music videos, movies, podcasts, and various other creative videos aimed for either entertainment or educational purposes.

However, there is one flipside to YouTube which is one cannot directly download videos or audios from this site. Enter WAV Convertor to the rescue.

The list of YouTube to WAV Convertors mentioned below will help you download YouTube videos and convert them into WAV format directly to your PC or Mobile devices in just a few steps.

There are various software which can help us convert your favourite YouTube videos to audio or video format or other formats like WAV, MP4, MP3 etc.

So, if you are looking for the right website, online tools or software which can help you convert and download YouTube videos into WAV format here are some of the best ones.

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List of YouTube to WAV Convertors:

  1. The YOU Mp3:

The You Mp3 is one of the best online YouTube converters out there.  The feature that stands out the most in this site is that it is hassle free and eye catching.

This is a free to use site which you can use in your PC and your mobile devices as well. This site is very user friendly as there aren’t any widgets or adds which can sometimes very annoying.

With the help of this online converter, one can download videos from well-known sites like Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Some of the other features of this converter includes cross platform accessibility through PC tablets and android devices.

It also comes with easy to use interface and fast conversion of flies after adding in the link. So, one can convert any video of their choice irrespective of its length.

  1. VidToMp3

The second converter in the list is VidtoMp3 which is well known for its inclusivity in the field of video streaming platforms.

VidToMp3 not only includes established websites like YouTube or Dailymotion per se, but also supports other lesser known sites like MySpace, ClipJunkie, vSocial, Bolt, SantaBanta, Vimeo, iFilm, etc.

VidToMp3 is similar to many other websites that are mentioned in this list.

So, if you are going to use VidToMp3 to download any videos, then follow the steps given below:

Step No.1: Visit the VidToMp3 official site.

Step No.2: Copy the link from the video which you want to download.

Step No.3: Paste the link in the “Convert it” link section.

Step No.4: Press on convert it.

Now that your file has been converted, you can select any of the desired format and quality you want to download in.  The only drawback of this website is that it is a bit clumsy to use and contain ads.

  1. YTD Downloader

YTD Downloader is one of the popular and well-known online tools that have been active since the initial YouTube days. Whether you are using an IOS or an android platform YTD will help you convert your favourite YouTube videos into any format in this case WAV.

A lot of people prefer YTD because of its easy user interface and I personally prefer YTD for its faster performance and the diverse categories that it has to offer.

Follow the following steps to download and convert YouTube videos into WAV:

Step No.1: Copy the URL link of the video you want to convert

Step No.2: Visit YTD Video Downloader and download the file and install it

Step No.3: Paste the URL in the paste section

Step No.4: Click on the convert button after setting the format and the conversion quality

Step No.5: Your video will be converted and is ready for use

  1. Freemake

Just like YTD Video Downloader Freemake is another downloader and converter which is preferred by a lot of people.

Its website boasts about Freemake being the number one video converter for 10 years which is loved by 103 million people worldwide.

To use Freemake Video converter, follow the following steps:

Step No.1: Visit the website and download the software

Step No.2: After downloading install the software and RUN it

Step No.3: Visit YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to convert paste it in the URL section

Step No.4: Choose a format in which you want to convert in this case WAV

Step No.5: Click on the covert button and wait for the conversion to happen

Step No.6: Once the conversion is done you are ready to use the file

Freemake is one of the fastest video converters and is very simple to use and also works in various platforms including IOS and Android. Moreover, Freemake can be used for various other things like converting movie subtitles, cut, join, or rotate a video clip etc.

  1. Youtube2Video

If you are against the idea of downloading a software to convert a YouTube video to other formats like WAV or mp3 then Youtube2Video is the right online platform for you.

Since there are a dozens of online tools available which can help you convert your favourite YouTube video to WAV format it is preferable that you only use the ones which are loved by other users and Youtube2Video is one such trusted site which will help you with this job.

Moreover, is a free website and there is no need to register or download any software.

To use follow the following steps:

Step No.1: First of all, visit YouTube and copy the URL link of the video you want to convert

Step No.2: Search Youtube2Video in google and click on the website link that says

Step No.3: Paste the URL in the ‘search songs/paste URL.’ box

Step No.4: Click on the ‘convert video’ option

Step5: Select the format you want to convert the video into, in this case WAV

Step No.6: Click the download option once the conversion is done

This is how you convert your favourite YouTube video into WAV format using


These are some of the websites, online tools, and software by which you can covert your favourite YouTube videos into WAV.

All these tools and software are some of the best tools available online that will help you not only to convert videos from YouTube to WAV but they also contain a number of features that are not just limited to converting.

No matter what you are using whether a mobile device or a PC these will definitely do the job.

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