Sportsurge Alternatives | Sites Like SportSurge To Watch Free NFL, NHL & Soccer Live

If you are a sports fan and love watching sports on TV, then you will also go through the same type of issue, searching for where to stream your favorite sports online. Streaming online is not a big deal nowadays with all those streaming sites on the internet. But all of them provide sport streaming at some cost of money.

Well, coming to the free online Live sport streaming, Sportsurge is one of the best websites you can possibly go-to for live streaming any sport. But then, due to some internal errors, the website is no longer able to use for streaming, but not to worry as we have come up with some of the best Sporturge alternatives, which are also great sites.

Now that the Sportsurge website is out of reach for all sports lovers, we have come with some Sportsurge alternatives platform that will let you stream your favorite sports for free. With the alternatives of Sportsurge, you will not only be able to stream your favorite sport live, but also you can get other sports news or live updates.

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The Sportsurge alternatives websites do come with lots of amazing features onboard, which happens to be really useful. Also, before proceeding with the list of sites, let me tell you that if you find some websites not opening in your country, you can always try using VPN and opening the sites. So, let’s have a look at the Sportsurge alternatives in details which can help you in getting sports update and much more.

Best alternatives of Sportsurge:

  1. YourSports

When it comes to online streaming of sports and also the best alternatives to Sportsurge, I would take YourSports name any time. If you also keep an interest in sports like soccer, football, basketball, then this is the place you should look for. You can basically say that Yoursports is the extended version of the Sportsurge, as it also has a database separately for entertainment which you can stream for free.

Well, there is no need to pay any penny even for streaming your favorite sports live. Here on this platform, you can get both entertainment and sports in a single place which is simply awesome. Speaking about the website, it looks really neat and easily navigable; with the black background, it really stands out.

On the homepage of the site itself, you will get streaming links of all the sports which is Live right now. Or you can also go with the trending events and watch today’s trending sports on the go.

You can also watch Live TV, as there are some popular Sports TV channels listed on the website, which you can simply click and start streaming. So, you no longer need to pay any extras to stream sports online; Yoursports is enough to solve your problem.

  1. VIPBoxTV:

 VipBoxTv is also one of the best Sportsurge alternatives, as it also lets you stream all the other sports too which are not available in Sportsurge. This platform is also absolutely free of cost to stream your favorite sports.

Also, it has a huge range of sports options from NBA, Dart, MotoGP, F1, Boxing and many more. And you can stream all of the sports in high-definition quality, which is like the cherry on the cake feature for any free streaming websites.

The platform keeps itself updated by introducing new sports streaming most of the time, and the site also goes well with all the updates. No need for any kind of registration; simply visit the websites and start streaming the sport which you like, and you are done.

With this simple user interface, VIPBoxTV is now serving their online customer for approx. Five years and is trusted by everyone. With all these amazing features and regular updates, this website stands as one of the best sports streaming websites on the internet.

  1. Cricfree:

Cricfree is a basic looking website where you can stream sports Live in HD quality. If you are also a diehard fan of NBAMLBNFLLa Liga, then this website happens to be the most popular on the internet to stream live. This website is basically a house of links where you will get links of Live streaming of your favorite sports online.

All of them are basically free, so you don’t need to worry about paying anything online. Simply click on the link of your desired sports, and you are already streaming.

The website interface is super optimized for all devices, so even if you browse from your phone, you will be able to figure out the streaming links. You can also do a free sign-in on the website to become a part of their family; well, signing in also expands you with more features like chatting with others while streaming. Also, you can donate to the platform for better development if you want to.

  1. 720PStream:

If you are a die-hard fan of NBA, MLB, NFL sports, then you must be already aware of this website. Well, this website has been in the online streaming business for a long time now. This website is their many times before the premium platform came into play.

You will get all the popular sports streaming link on this platform for free. You will be able to stream most of the sports from this platform in full HD quality with no interference.

Speaking about the website, it is very light and loads very fast and is optimized very well that you can stream from this platform even from your phone. Simply connect yourself with the internet, and you are ready to stream it is that easy.

Also, it is easily navigable around the website with all the fresh links, and there is also null dead links. So, you click on any link, and it always works, unlike other sites. You can even follow this platform on Twitter, Telegram or other platforms to get information about the sports.

  1. VIPRow

Like the other websites in the list, this platform also allows you to stream from a bunch of sports from WWE to F1; you can stream everything. You can also search for the stream events in the search bar, and it is really effective, as you don’t need to scroll searching for your desired sports stream link making it one of the alternatives of Sportsurge.

Also, they have listed all the sports logo clear on the website, so if you want to stream any sports, simply click on the logo, and you can find the stream link.

The built-in video player of the website is really user friendly, and there are also lots of option; in some of the stream, you can also get subs. Also, you can stream in HD quality in most of the link.

The only negative point about this website is that, there are many popup ads on the site which can sometimes irritate you while streaming. So, to get rid of those, you can use an ads blocker on your device. Otherwise, this is also one of the best Sportsurge alternatives website on the internet you can find.

  1. Sportstream:

This simple looking website also covers most of the popular sports for live streaming on the internet for free. This is one of the best alternatives, with all the features and streaming links matching with the Sportsurge. The website looks very simple and easy to use with a soothing background.

Also, there is not many options to go from on the website, which makes the website very much user friendly even for those who are beginners. There in total three servers on the website from which you can switch if any streaming link isn’t working.

Like the other sports streaming sites, you will also find options for sports on this website like FootballBasketballIce HockeyTennis and much more. You can easily find the streaming or video link of every sport on this website with few clicks.

Also, the advantage is that you can even change the server if you want. Out of every sport on the website, you can only get live score updates for Football and Tennis, as this is the main sport that this website is supporting. The only thing you need to do before using this website is that getting a VPN for your website, as this website is banned in some countries like in India.

  1. Footybite:

Footybite is one of the popular online streaming sites for all football fans around the world. You can get all the updates regarding the recent football match like a sneak peek, live score updates, post-match response and much more. This is like a heaven for all the football lovers; if you have internet, simply go to the website, and you can get all this information online for free.

You can also get connected to their discord servers to know more information about the upcoming matches. Also, you can connect with other sports fans across the world. Talking about the website, there is this amazing feature with which you can enable the dark mode, which is amazing and really feels premium.

Other than this, the website is very simple, with few streaming link to football matches. You can also stream other sports like NBA, MMA, Boxing apart from Football.

With all these amazing features of connecting other sports fans and also streaming at the same time makes this website totally useful. Yes, there is also a Yesterday, Tomorrow section through which you can toggle, to watch the recap or to get updates.

  1. WorldcupFootball

Don’t get yourself confused with the name of the website as WorldcupFootball,  this website lets you stream more sports than Football. Like the other Sportsurge alternatives websites, you can stream sports like NBA, NHL, MLB and much more.

On the homepage of the website, you will find few links to the popular sports. So, to stream any sport, simply click on the link given, and you are ready to watch the sport in HD quality on your device.

Other than normal streaming links of any sports, the website also provides you with the Reddit stream links, which is really amazing. You can now also join with other people in the stream via reddit, which makes more connecting with the sport.

Other than the features, the website is easy to use with all the navigation at its place. Also, the platform is optimized for both your mobile and PC, so you should not have any issue regarding opening the site on your device.

  1. Sportmargin:

If you are looking for a complete package website where you can not only stream, but also get updates through a blog post, then Sportmargin is the best for you. With free streaming features, you also get all the sports news in the blog section of the website, which will give you proper updates every day.

The only thing is that you will only get news related to Football, as this website is mostly Football centric, so if you are looking for news of other sports, then you might not get it here.

But you will get streaming links of almost all popular sports like Boxing, Football, NBA, Dart and much more. All the stream links work very well, and there are very few dead links on the website. Yes, you can stream every sport in HD quality, no doubts. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get each and every updates.

If you are a football lover, then you must follow their pages. They update each and every news related to Football on their social media pages. Speaking about the interface, I am sure that you will be loving Sportmargin more than other sites on the list.

  1. NBAstreams

Just like the Sportmargin, the NBAstreams also focus mainly on a single sports NBA in this case. Well, this website is a Reddit stream website so that you can stream with all the other NBA fans all over the world. The website looks very simple and looks really professional with a simple homepage design and also keeping all the needed tabs in the reach.

As mentioned before that this website mainly focuses on NBA, but you can also stream other sports like NHL, Cricket, MMA and much more. You can stream all the sport in HD quality without any error.

Apart from streaming Live Sports, you can also check live score updates on your device for free. The only thing bad about this website is that, you might face some issue while opening this website on your mobile phone as the platform is not well optimized.

But if you are a PC user mostly, then you will have fun enjoying your favorite NBA sport live stream with all the other fans. The website has more than 400K followers from across the world, all NBA fan with whom you can get connected through Reddit’s which is really amazing.

  1. FromHotSport

If you are looking for a website where you can do both streaming your favorite sport and also watch TV, then this is the platform for you. The website looks really simple, and there is literally nothing on the homepage of the site other than tabs of sports streaming and TV streaming.

There are more than several sports streaming channel on this platform while will let you stream your favorite sports anytime possible. The best thing about the site is that you will be directed to the main source of the streaming platform other than playing directly on the website.

So, there is less chance that there is any dead links on this website, not only sports, but the same goes with streaming TV also making it one of the great alternatives of Sportsurge.

If you also love streaming sports and TV channels online for free, then you can never miss this website on your bookmark list. Also, the best thing is that every channel stream in HD quality, and yes, you can stream almost all sports. The only negative point this website has is that there is no live score updates features which sometimes feel really lacking.


This are the list of some of the best Sportsurge Alternatives you can find on the internet today. There are also some of the sites or platform which allows you to stream sports online for free, but then those sites have lots of dead links and much more which makes it a bad experience.

Also, many irritating ads are really boring and waste of time, as it spends a huge amount of time. But as I have mentioned, here the list of the best free online sports streaming platform, so that you can stream on the go.

The only thing you need to care about in the sites as mentioned above is that using of a VPN before opening them, as some websites are not allowed in most countries. Other than that, all the mentioned sites have amazing features you can get the benefit of; also, you are getting to stream almost all sports from Football to boxing on a single platform which is again amazing. So these are all about the best alternative to Sportsurge sites available on the internet, happy sports streaming to everyone.

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