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Movies have been single and one of the best things we have seen when it comes to entertainment. We have been watching movies, TV shows from the time when we have been toddlers. We have been knowing the environment from then, but now many things have been changed.

We use to watch movies and TV shows on TV only, and now we are having lots of streaming sites where you can stream movies for free. MovieRulz is one of the websites where you can stream movies and TV shows online for free. There are lots of premium website too, which allows you to stream your favorite movies and special shows online. But then who does not like things for free, right!

But Movierulz website has been removed from the internet because of the DMCA issues regarding the site’s content. There were lots of controversy about this issue, but whatever has gone is gone as the website lovers have been searching for MovieRulz alternatives. So here we have listed some of the best websites which are the best alternatives of Movierulz site.

The website mentioned below has some of the best features and outstanding collections of Movies and TV Shows, let it be in any language like Tamil, English, Hindi, and much more. Have a look at the list of movie streaming sites, and I am sure if you are a die-hard fan of the movie, you will love it.

List of Movierulz alternative websites:

  1. Bmovies:

This is one of the most popular movies and TV shows streaming website on the internet today. And this also happens to be the best Movierulz alternative with all the amazing features it has.

The website has a list of movies and TV shows which you can stream online, and the interface of the site is also really attractive and easy to use that you can easily find your desire movies or shows to view. On the homepage, they have cleverly listed movies and shows according to their trend so that you don’t have to toggle through the tabs to find the trending movies.

They have also added the IMDB rating, which really makes it easy to judge if the movie is good or not without even watching the trailer of the movie by the rating. It not only help you in judging the movie but also you can know the movie in trend.

Other than that, the inbuilt video player also has one of the best interfaces in the market. You can view your favorite movies and TV shows in 780p and 1080p.

Most of the movies in this website database also have added subtitles to watch and understand foreign movies easily.

  1. YesMovies:

With high-quality movies and Shows, Yesmovies is also one of the best Movierulz alternative websites you can try out. If you ask me, the website has an amazing interface where you can browse or search your favorite Movies and TV shows at ease. The website has an approx.

Of 20 thousand collections of movies which you can stream online for free. Well, all those amazing movies are organized in their Genre and the Country of release.

If you are looking for streaming any movies or shows, then you can also see if that particular movie is available in 1080p or 780p quality. So these small features make your job easy if you are looking for a full HD quality movie or not.

Other than that, there is no registration required to stream your favorite movies or shows online on this site. Yes, there are lots of daily uploads also on this website; you can also find lots of newly released movies available on this website for free streaming.

So, if you are a real hardcore fan of movies, then you must give Yesmovies a try. It will be worth it.

  1. FMovies:

FMovies website is almost similar to the Yesmovies in terms of design. There are lots of matching factor like the layout of movies, and much more, the only difference is that they can also suggest you movies according to your last viewed.

Also, they have organized their movies and shows with their alphabetical order. So, in that case, it is a little better to find out your favorite movies or shows on the website, other than remembering the genre of the movie you have recently watched.

And yes, this website is only for those who want to explore Hollywood movies or is interested to them, as the database of this site is filled with movies from Hollywood. I have also felt that the TV shows collection are poor than in compared to the above websites.

So if you have come to Fmovies for TV shows, then you must visit the above websites too. But streaming is really easy on this site, simply hover the pointer above the poster and click on Start Streaming, and you are already streaming your favorite movie, yaay!.

  1. Hindilinks4u:

If you are looking for one place stop for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, then this is the website you must go for. The movies collection that Hindilinks4u have is literally out of this world. You are going to love it for sure.

The best part is that you can even list up your favorite movies so that you don’t need to search for them every time you visit the website. Simply go to the My list section, and you find all whatever you have added. You also find here dubbed movies which you can’t find on any of the websites mentioned above.

The categories of the Hindilinks4u website is also crazy, and they have categorized movies in like Action, Comedy, Drama, Biography etc. They have also content imported from other premium streaming sites like HULU, Hotstar, Hungama, Mx Player etc.

Another feature which I really liked is that, you can see how many people have already streamed the particular movies, you can also leave a Like if you want and comment. So this is basically a social media platform for movies; hence watching movies here is an interesting experience to have.

  1. Wmoviesfree:

With a basic Blue and white theme, this website looks really classy and soothing to the eye. WatchMoviesfree website also looks really neat, which really makes you feel that you are browsing on a premium website.

If you are not much into movies and its news, I am sure that this website can make you mad about the movies and movie news. There are such crazy news about amazing movies which you will never like to miss. Speaking about the Wmoviesfree layout, on the homepage of the website, you will see the list of new and trending English movies that you would like to explore.

If you don’t like English movies, then you can also filter them by selecting your country, by doing which it will only show your country movies to you. Also, there is a Year tab on the site where you can select the year and categorize movies of that particular year.

Such small features are really useful and come in real handy while using. You can also check out the upcoming movies or TV series that are to be released on this website within a few days and can stay alert.

Yes, all the movies or series on this website are available to stream in HD quality, no doubt at all.

  1. Bolly2Tolly:

With Movies from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and much more, this website has a vast verity of movies in its data. Like the other websites, this also has sections like Recently released and most Viewed movies.

So you can find the trending or new movies on the homepage itself. Speaking about the design language, it is somewhat like the previous site, but this is more simpler and looks cool.

The popup function is also really interesting as it shows the genre and description of the movie.

Like the Fmovies website, this also has the alphabetical order categorization of movies. In my terms, this way of categorizing movies really help the viewers to find out their desired movies in a few clicks.

So no more of searching for the Genre and clicking on the Next page button again and again. This website also introduced rating in their movies like the other sites. Yes, you can also view TV shows on this website, but there is no such amazing collection when it comes to TV shows.

But I can assure you that whatever TV shows you find will be of high quality and nice to stream online.

  1. Movie4u:

This premium looking website is another best website that is an alternative to Movierulz site. Movie4u is packed with features; like name them, and you find it here. The movies are organized in their alphabetical order as in other movie streaming websites.

You can also browse movies by their Genre, Release Year, top IMDB rating and even website ratings. Yes, IMDB rating and website ratings is a totally different thing, so don’t get confused between these two. Also, there is a Trending section on the website where you can find all the movies which are in the Top Trend now.

Not only movies but this website have also focused on TV shows. There are new seasons and new episodes uploaded soon on the website when they are released. Like the above other mentioned website, they also have uploaded every movie in HD quality, so there must not be any complaint about quality.

Also, before you start streaming any movie, you can read the basic storyline of any movie, which makes the streaming experience awesome. Fun fact you can easily know which Genre has how many movies in the website collection.

  1. Xmovies8:

Out of all the website which we have listed above, the Xmovies8 is one of the futuristic websites you can use. There are lots of amazing bits on this website which really makes the streaming experience awful.

This site has a great collection of both English and Asian movies dubbed in English. Also, you can find all those popular movies or shows which are released on popular online streaming sites here for free. So if you are looking for a place where you can stream premium content for free, then this is the website you should bookmark.

Also, they are very truthful to their audience about the quality; some of the movies are in CAM quality which they have clearly mentioned. There are approx of 25 Genres from where you can browse movies from on this website.

The best part of this website is that you can switch from Light theme to Dark theme, and I am telling you this is one of the premium features which will really take your browsing experience to another level.

Even some of the premium website like Netflix, Hotstar etc. doesn’t have this kind of feature on their website.

  1. 123Movies:

This website 123movies, is more like a combination of the Fmovies and Xmovies8 website. 123Movies have a layout similar to the Fmovies and also has features from the Xmovies8 website. Overall the experience is great to browse your favorite movies and streaming online.

Coming to the interface and design of the website, it looks really cool with all these amazing color combinations. It really feels premium. Like the above site, this also has the Dark theme mode, which you can use to save up the power of your device, and you know the dark theme is the new trend nowadays.

They also have collections of both Movies and TV shows equally, but obviously, as the name suggests, this website mainly master in movies collections. But I can blindly suggest you this website if you are looking for streaming sites with equal collections of both.

But the downside is that you will get only TV series from the US and UK. So if you are looking for a TV series based in other countries, then you might need to refer to other websites mentioned above.

The inbuilt video player is one of the best in the game, and it is highly optimized for every device. So you won’t face any issue while streaming, let it be your PC, Phones or tabs.

With all these amazing features, this is also one of the best Movierulz alternatives you can use for streaming your favorite movies on your device.

  1. Online Movies Gold:

After the Hindilink4u website, this is another website which has huge collections of Indian Cinema and that too of all-region. But not to worry, there is a Hollywood section on the website, so you can always go there if you are looking for good English movies.

The Unique part of this website is that there is no Genre categorization of movies; you can only select the release year of the movie and filter the result. Other than that website search engine is always an option for you. The movie collections here is fantastic, let it be Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and much more.

The best part is that it is super responsive on a mobile phone; the design is made in such a way. Also, you can join their telegram group, where you can get the latest updates of newly released movies.

So no more refreshing of sites to know if new movies is uploaded or not. You can also share your favorite movies while streaming on your social media platform within site itself.

The only downward feature of Online Movies Gold is that there is no listed TV shows. Other than that, this is one of the best Movierulz alternative websites you can enjoy your movies from.

  1. Todaypktv:

This website is not that popular when it comes to free movie streaming website on the internet. But the website is really very good if you are likely with the content they have in their collections.

There is more of a local based movie collections on this website, but yes, there are movies options in many language. Be it local movies or low budget movies, but the movies are excellent to watch. If you like good storyline movies, then this is the best website for you to experience unexplored movies on the internet.

Talking about the negative side of the site, there is no rating given on movies, and also, not all movies are available in HD quality. Overall you will find a good experience in using this website to stream your favorite movies online for free.


So these are all the websites which are the best alternatives to Movierulz, the features are almost the same to the Movierulz site. All of these sites have bundles of movies and TV series in their collection that you will never feel bore with.

And having a positive point that you can stream all movies and TV shows in HD quality is an amazing point here. Some of the websites don’t come with TV shows collection in their database, but then you can always refer to the other sites.

The only thing is that all of these sites mentioned in the above needs to accessed by VPN, as some sites are banned by the country government.

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