How To Make Facebook Private? [Profile, Groups, Posts]

Facebook has become almost essential in our lives today, as so many people have a profile. But that doesn’t imply that your profile should be easy to find. There are many people who feel the need for a private Facebook account. It could be because of their job, or they simply do not want people lurking around their profiles. You have full control over the privacy of your Facebook account.

But Facebook doesn’t make it so simple for you; just like Instagram does, Facebook provides no single button to make your account private without any hassle. There are hundreds of settings on this giant social media platform, and your privacy depends on each one of them so they should be handled in order. While some settings may seem confusing, some of them are easy to control.

Why Make your Facebook Account Private?

If you are a Facebook user, you may probably wonder why someone would want to make their Facebook account private in the first place. But not everyone uses Facebook as a social networking medium. Having a Facebook profile gives you tons of benefits, including mobile APIs, app integrations, as well as websites that let you sign in through Facebook. So this is true for the people who don’t make a Facebook account to connect with people.

How to make your Facebook Account Private?

As told earlier, Facebook doesn’t give you any single switch that can turn your whole account in private mode. However, if you follow these below-mentioned methods, you can make your Facebook profile entirely private.

 Method #1. Make Your Profile “About” Section Private

The first thing people see when they visit your publicly shared Facebook profile is Your About Information. The Your About section includes your personal info like Your Intro, Bio, Hobbies, work, education, Details About You, Account Overview, Places You Lived, Hometown, Contact and Basic Info, Family and Relationship, as well as Life Events. It also has details about your email address, phone number, Birthday, etc. So, you can make the About Info of your Facebook account private by following the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to your profile on Facebook and tap on the Edit Profile button.

Step 2: A pop-up will appear where you see the Edit Your About Info option and click it. Now choose each option under the About one by one and next to each sub-category, you’ll find a Globe (Public icon). Click on it.

Step 3: Finish it by clicking on the “Only Me” option for every setting where you want to make it private for your Account.

When it comes to Facebook, if you don’t want strangers to be able to view your phone number, simply click on the Overview available under the About section. Then, click on the Globe (Public) icon, a list of all privacy options will appear. Simply, select Only Me from the list and click on OK to save changes.

 Method# 2.  Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

Facebook lets you hide your friends list easily and make it private. If you don’t want to show your friends to strangers, and even to your friends, then you can do it by following the methods mentioned below.

Step1: Tap on the dropdown menu icon that you see at the top right corner, then click on Settings & Privacy and under them Settings.

Step 2: Select the Privacy tab present at the left sidebar then select the Edit option that you can see just beside “Who can see your friends list”.

Step 3: Select Only Me and you are done.

Method #3.  Make Your Future Posts Private

By default all posts on Facebook are made public, so it reaches more people but if you want then you can modify the post settings for its visibility. Some people also set the option to Only Me so that only they can see their future posts and not even any of their friends. For making your profile private, it is suggested to set “Friends”. Here are the steps to make your future posts on Facebook private: Step 1: Search for and tap on the Privacy tab at the left sidebar.

Step 2: Select the Edit option present right beside Who can see your future posts under the Your Activity section.

Step 3: Modify that option to Friends only or Only Me and it’s changed. Now all the posts you make from now on will be private.

Method #4.  Hide or Limit Your Published Posts

If you want, you can also bound the audience that can see your published posts as well as shared posts on the timeline. Although your shared posts on Facebook cannot be made totally private, you can limit who sees them to Friends or People You Follow. Here is how:

Step 1: Log in to your account and reach for Settings on Facebook, then tap on the Privacy tab present at the left sidebar.

Step 2: Select the Limit Past Posts option under your profile Activity section. Then click on that button of Limit Past Posts.

Step 3: You can also select a different audience for each of the posts you shared one by one according to your choice.

Method #5.  Make Your Facebook Profile Unsearchable

If your account is public, anybody can find you on Facebook via your email id or contact number. Although you can hide your mobile number under your About section by following Method 1, what if someone searches you on Facebook through other methods? Well, there is an option for you to stop that altogether. Briefly saying, your Facebook profile can be made unsearchable. You can stop people search for you using your email address and phone number, using these steps:

Step 1: Log in to Settings on your Facebook account, then click the Privacy tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Now click on Edit in the “How People find and contact you” section present right beside “Who can look you up using your email address” and change the option to Only Me.

Step 3: Then tap on Edit next to “Who can look you up using your phone number” and change it to Only Me.

Step 4: Also, if you want then you can change the settings to not receive Friend Requests from complete strangers. Just click on the Edit option next to “Who can send you friend requests” and change it to Friend of Friends. Although people knowing your Facebook username can still search and find you.

Method #6.  Profile and Tagging Privacy Settings

Facebook lets you cope with your account and tagging privacy on its terms. There are essentially three sections that you can manage to make stuff on your Facebook profile private and also manage some tagging settings. Viewing and Sharing settings for your posts, Tagging, and Reviewing Things before they seem on your profile. Go to Settings then Privacy to follow these steps.

Step 1: Viewing and Sharing

You can easily stop others to share their posts on your profile timeline. Moreover, stop them from seeing what others post on your Facebook profile and not letting them share posts in form of your stories.

  • Who can post your profile: change it to Only Me.
  • Who can see what others posts on your profile: change it too to Only Me.
  • Turn Off the setting that allows others to ‘share your posts to their stories.

Step 2: Tagging

Your friends can sometimes tag you in their posts made on Facebook and these posts will be visible on your timeline. If you want, you can stop others to view these posts that you are tagged in. You just have to make these posts private. Move to Settings then the Privacy tab and then to the Tagging section. Modify the options as below.

  • Who can see posts you’re tagged in your profile: Change it to Only Me.
  • Whenever you are tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience if they cannot already see it: Change this option too to Only Me.

Step 3: Reviewing

You can review the posts you got tagged in even before they appear on your Facebook Profile. Furthermore, you can also see those tags that people add to your posts before they are visible to other on Facebook. Likewise, modify the options as below:

  • Review the posts that you got tagged in before they can be seen on your profile timeline. Change the option to Only Me.
  • Reviews Tag: Change the option to ON.

Method #7.  Make People, Pages, Lists You Follow Private

Facebook has deemed to be the best place to make friends around, so you may follow your friends, family members, pages that interest you, and favorite celebrities’ accounts on Facebook to see their posts on your homepage. But if you don’t want to let anyone know about anyone you follow, any page, etc you follow, follow these steps to make pages, people, and lists private:

Step 1: Go under the Settings page in your Facebook profile and click n the Privacy tab at the left sidebar.

Step 2: Tap on the Edit option beside “Who can see people, pages, and lists you follow” under the Your Activity section, and modify the option to Only Me, and you’re done.

Method #8.  Block Annoying Facebook Friends

If you have annoying friends you can’t get rid of, this method will help you. You can just block them and your account will be made private to them. They won’t be able to see your profile, the posts you make, things, you share, even won’t be able to find you. And you can unblock them whenever you want.

Step 1: Go to any of the friend profiles you wish to block. Then tap on the three-dot button shown under their profile name.

Step 2: Select the Block button to block them, and you’re good to go.

Final Words

The above-described methods are the best options you can set to make your Facebook profile private as much as possible. Once you have made these changes in your account settings, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of Facebook without letting others find your profile as easily as before. While you can’t just switch your profile to private with a single click, you can get pretty close by following all these steps properly.

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