How To Fix GeForce Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Try again later Error?

“Unable to connect to NVIDIA”, this is a known issue which is faced by most of the desktop as well as the laptop users. So most of the users are going to solve it by themselves but some of them are able to solve it and some of them fail to connect it. So in this topic we are going to guide all the users on how to fix unable to connect NVIDIA problem. NVIDIA is a computer Graphics card manufacturing brand which uses their graphics cards on various brands of Laptops and PCs. Those who love to play the High Resolution games on their PC’s need to install and keep their NVIDIA GeForce graphics updated.

This is not a big issue to solve this warning or error message from your PC about the NVIDIA. But some users really get tensed when they face or get this error code which is Unable to connect to NVIDIA. So all of you who are going to face this type of error on your PC can follow our below guidelines to fix it permanently. There are many ways to fix this type of issue. But here we will describe about some proper procedure which will 100% get works with your PC and very simple to perform it.

Solutions to fix “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA”:

Now you can get the solutions to fix up the errors shown by your NVIDIA software on your PC. So follow the procedures and do the same on your laptops or PCs.

Solution No. 1:

When you get the error at the beginning it can get stuck your NVIDIA software from start. Now verify which services currently are stuck at starting period.

  • Click on Start menu of PC and then type Run.
  • Now type services.msc and press Enter. Verify that at starting period which services were stucked. On the next step you need to delete or rename NSManagedTasks.xml named file from C drive –C:\ProgramData\NVIDIACorporation\NetService\.

  • Before open this folder you need to show the hidden files in order to view it. After deleting or rename the NSManagedTasks.xml file then open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and click on Processes. Select NVNetworkService.exe *32 process and END it.

  • Again go back to services lists and right click on NVIDIA Network Service to start it.

Solution No. 2:

This is another method which is very easy to fix the problem of starting up NVIDIA graphics. For this you need to open the official site of NVIDIA now by click on this LINK. Now open the Automatic Driver updates which will initiate you to download the latest version of GeForce driver updates. Now wait for some time till you have downloaded and set up the full up to date file. Now uninstall the previous version of file and starts installing the new up to date version from the setup file. Follow the on screen instructions and go ahead by following the advices.

Solution No. 3:

This is most advanced trick to fix the unable to connect to NVIDIA error. Those who do not know about this trick then don’t try it because it may damage your GeForce driver’s performance. So follow the below steps for proceeding.

  • Open your C drive and visit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Copy the host name in your notepad and save it for back up. If you keep it back up then you can use it for future use also.
  • Now change the local host address from 0.0.0 to or you can even delete this host name.
  • Now update the GeForce drivers to the latest version and Start the app again.
  • It will works now properly after restart your PC for a single time.

Final Word

So these are all the best useful tricks and proper solutions through which you all can fix “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” problem. If any users facing any type of problem while applying these procedures then stop this and contact with some computer experts. If you perform any wrong process while applying this solution then it may corrupt your software and may crash your system software also. All the above solutions are totally practical verified and working for all the PCs having NVIDIA GeForce software. Hope this topic will definitely help you about GeForce experiences unable to connect to NVIDIA.

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