Mangastream – Best Alternatives Of Mangastream

The craze for Japanese manga comics has been trending for a long time. There are millions of manga lovers worldwide, and there are many manga websites, communities and groups filled with different manga comics. MangaStream is one such popular destination to find and read plenty of comics on your screen.

But recently, MangaStream discontinued their website due to some issues. If you are a manga lover like me and want the best Mangastream alternatives, this is the perfect article.

The main reason behind discontinuing the official Mangastream website is to encourage legal reading and paid subscription services. It was an illegal website whose primary source to provide comics were scans of comics by fans. But is it the end of Manga entertainment? Not at all. Here I have compiled all the top sites websites where you can get even more and better Manga then MangaStream.

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Even if you are new to Manga, you can also continue reading and find some of the best sources. I am pretty sure that you will start getting addicted to Manga soon. Afterall, there are different categories of comics available to pick and read. So, let’s get started without further delay.

Top 10 best MangaStream alternatives:

  1. MangaFox:

The first website in this list is named MangaFox, which is quite popular among Manga lovers. On the homepage, you will see popular comic thumbnails sliding from right to left. Below are different categories like action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, school life, supernatural and much more. There are other featured categories available like Hot Manga Release, Being Read Right Now, Recommended, New Release and Latest Updates.

On the right side, they have ranked some manga by their popularity. On the top right side, there is one search bar to find your favourite comic faster. You can have an idea of how good this website is and how huge their collections are.

Now they have an official Manga reading app named MangaZone. Using this app you will get comic book resources, a better viewing experience, advance download, and you can read anytime and anywhere you want.

  1. MangaStream today:

From the name, you can have an idea that MangaStrem Today is much similar to the original one. After landing on their homepage, you can see all the latest manga releases along with their chapter information. They have a vast choice of categories: action, adventure, drama, Ecchi, mystery, school life, horror, and much more.

There is one search option to find comics faster and enjoy them more quickly. You can sort by alphabetical order and Manga status. There are more options like ongoing, new, updated and completed Manga series.

In case you like any manga comic, then you can bookmark them too. On the below section of their homepage, you can notice 1200+ pages available, so you can have an idea how large their comic stock is.

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  1. Kiss manga:

Kissmanga is another popular and one of the best alternatives to MangaStream website. Just like a typical comic website, they also have a massive number of manga comics list. They have a simple layout and menu. On this free website, you can find the latest updates along with chapter information.

There are 3 more categories named New & Hot, Recent additions and Most popular. In the below section, there is an Ongoing manga category and the latest manga updates information.

If you want to type and find your comic, you can search using their search bar. Just find and click on any manga chapter you like to read, and it will automatically start loading, and you can read easily.

  1. Ten Manga:

Here is another excellent destination and site like MangaStream named Ten Manga. It has an uncomplicated menu with categories like last update, hot Manga, new Manga and a search option. There is one surprise option too, which will randomly pick a comic for you if you are unsure what to read today.

They have also ranked top Manga with a massive list on the right side. Once you click on any comic icon or name, you will be presented with details like author name, release year, status, summary or synopsis. Below that section, there are chapter names with title and information of date. Next, you need to click and read the chapter you want to read.

  1. Manga Here:

Manga Here is almost similar to the Mangafox website. You can see a similar menu bar that includes the latest updates, ranking, and browse option. One bonus feature you will see here is the Manga spoilers and news option on the menu bar. It will help you to stay updated with the latest news and happenings in the Manga industry. There are many fans and followers who do comment there, and you can join the conversation too.

On the top right corner, there is one search bar to find Manga quickly. On the homepage, there is also a slideshow available showcasing the best comics available to read. Below that section, there are various categories like action, drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, school life, supernatural, and much more.

Apart from these things, all the features are similar to Mangafox, which I already mentioned before. You can definitely check out their website and find the best manga comics to read today. Even they also promote downloading the Magazine app for a better experience.

  1. MangaDex:

For all the Japanese manga lovers, Mangadex another great destination to read comics without any paid subscriptions. They have a large collection of different varieties of Manga. But the best thing which I personally like is the follow and rating option which they provide.

Yes, you can see how many people are following or fans of any specific Manga comic and get an idea of their popularity. On the menu section, you will 2 options of titles and updates. In the title section, you can see different manga comics and rating, follows and the number of views by the readers and a short description of the storyline.

After finding your favourite Manga, just click on the chapter, and a new page will be loaded with the comic. If you are a new reader, then use the dropdown menu and go to chapter 1 and start reading. The only drawback I have noticed here is the frequent pop-up ads that distract while reading.

  1. Manga Reborn:

When you visit this website for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your location. Just click on the left option, and you will be landed on the land of manga comics. What makes this website so unique? Well, here you can read comics in different languages as per your comfort. Even you can contribute and help to translate manga comics for other users.

The top contributors are showcased on the right side with their statistics too. Apart from this, it has a standard and easy to access layout designed for you. They also have a news and forum section where people keep on discuss about manga world. You can register with them to participate in the group conversations too.

Some of the Manga available here will ask to buy using their own coin system, and some are free. You can enjoy the huge list of free Manga here without any pop-up ads or disturbance.

  1. Manga Park:

In the Manga Park website, you will get all the latest and variety of Manga comics for free. After visiting their homepage, you can see how nicely and simply they have showcased different Manga categories for the users. They have 2 options named Latest and Genres on the top menu, along with a search box.

Below the menu, there is a dedicated section with popular manga updates. Below that, you will get a huge list of titles with a thumbnail and the latest chapter information. Their website’s best thing is that they keep on updating their database with the latest and best manga comics. They have a Facebook page too, which you can follow to stay updated with announcements.

On the right sidebar, they have a list of genres and several comics written in bracket. So, after so many filters and searches, once you find your favourite Manga, just click on it. You can see further details like ratings, popularity, authors, artist, genre, type, status and latest chapter information. There is one short description of the storyline which you can read and have an idea.

  1. Manga town:

This is another well designed and user-friendly website to find and read the best manga comics online. You can see the latest releases, hot Manga, manga directory, completed Manga and lists on the simple top menu.

There is one slideshow present which is showcasing the featured or popular Manga. They collect all types of Manga like romance, comedy, vampire, youkai, shoujo, adventure and much more.

They have also featured a category with top-rated Manga. You can hover over any comic thumbnail to read necessary details like genre, authors, release year, rank, summary etc. Once you get the comic, just click on it and you will be presented chapter selection and read the comic from there.

You can also bookmark and share with others if you like any of them. In Manga town, you don’t have to register or pay for anything, which makes it worth recommending.

  1. Mangakakalot:

Now we have come down to the 10th alternative site to MangaStream. Mangakakalot is a very simple and well-crafted website with tons of Manga comics available to read. Here in on the menu section, there are 4 options- the latest Manga, hot Manga, new Manga and completed Manga. You can browse and find your favourite Manga as per your wish.

The below section has a slideshow that showcases popular manga comics with the latest chapter number. Below that section there you can find the latest manga releases with the latest chapters.

You can also track new chapters by seeing the time when it is added. You just need to move the cursor above the title, and you can see a pop-up with details like author, update date, and view count. You can judge which comic is good to read with the view count if you are new and finding the best manga comic.

  1. Mangaowl:

Mangaowl can also be called a complete destination for Manga comics. Along with the huge collection of comics, they have a massive community of Manga lovers who discuss, manage and interact with each other. Apart from their discussion community, they have a huge category menu that includes over 90+ Manga types.

They also have a list of members, collection and the ranking list also. You can use their dedicated search option and search by Manga name or author name to find easily. Below the menu bar, they have sections like must read today, new release, latest update, most popular Manga, etc.

You can also register with them and bookmark your favourite manga comic easily. Before reading any new manga, click on the green preview button, and there you can check the genre, author name, view count and detailed synopsis. On the pop-up itself, you can see the Read button to get started quickly. If you are an anime fan, then here is good news for you. Just click on the Home button, and there you can see their anime website link to visit and enjoy. Isn’t it a perfect bonus?

  1. Mangago:

A simple and well-designed website with lots of Manga comic available to check out and read. After landing on their website, you can see a simple layout with items like Manga directory, completed Manga, last updates, all genres and search option to find quickly.

Like the previous website, they also have a huge community to discuss and ask questions regarding manga comics. You just need to move the mouse pointer on any comic thumbnail for choosing any manga, and a preview pop-up will be loaded automatically.

I loved it the most because once you click on any comic, a new page will open and there you can see the voting verdict. Using that voting meter rating, you can easily judge which Manga is better for you or which one people loved the most. Similarly, you can skip boring Manga too.

Below the thumbnail and rating system, there are basic details like author, genre, summary, preview images, chapter list with links and dates when they are added. They have a suggestion list also on the right side with a view count to get the best comics.

  1. Manga Panda:

Manga Panda is another free sites like Mangastream online. This site is also similar to most of the typical manga websites with thousands of episodes of tons of Manga titles. They have kept the interface very simple and easy to understand with a top menu that includes bookmark, history, latest Manga, hot Manga and completed Manga. They have featured all the best ones on the slider based navigation.

On the lower section, they have the latest releases with titles and chapter details. Click on any manga title, and you will be presented with all the details like language, author, status, last update time, view count and genre.

Below these details there you can see a short summary and a huge list of chapters. They have an active team who keep their collection and database updated with the latest chapter uploads.

  1. Manga Reader:

With over 100+ Manga titles, they have a huge list of Manga titles and chapters ready to read. With all popular titles and new chapter updates, you will never feel bored by visiting this website. Once you land on this website, you will literally be confused about which one to choose among all. Talking about the menu, they have a simple menu with different Manga categories like 4 koma, action, adventure, drama, gender bender, martial arts, webtoon, one shot and much more.

Just click on any manga comic thumbnail, and you can check out the essential details along with a list of chapters. You need to click on them, and a new page will be loaded automatically. Like all of the previously mentioned websites, they also have a quick search option to find easily in no time. But they have recently added ads on their website, which keeps on send pop-ups, and annoying ads which sometimes redirect somewhere else.

Like I mentioned before, you need to install a free adblocker from the respective browser store and block those ads and enjoy flawlessly. They also have an adult category so beware if any children are browsing this website.


All these sites mentioned above are the handpicked and the best MangaStream alternatives websites for you. You can visit any of them and enjoy the Manga comic which you like. Due to high traffic, you might sometimes see slow loading of pages and errors, but it is rare.

But you should not worry because you just need to reload the page, and it should open automatically. You can easily access all the website mentioned above from laptop, tablet or mobile phone too.

Some of the sites might have pop-ups and other ads so that you can use a free adblocker from the Google Chrome store or from the respective extension store. It will help you enjoy Manga comics without distractions and redirection, and even it is very helpful in browsing other sites that have similar ads issues. I hope you have enjoyed the complete guide of alternatives to MangaSteam, do share and help us to help others. Also, let us know which one you recommend and which Manga you are currently reading.

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