Backwards 3 – How To Type “Ɛ” Symbol On Your Phone & PC?

If you are looking for the answer to how to type “Ɛ” or backwards 3, then stay tuned, and here you will get the perfect solution for this. Not only in smartphones, but I will also tell you how to type backwards 3 on PC.

But if you are wondering what the use of this is, then I am sure you have seen backward 3 in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, SMS, and other platforms. People use Ɛ> to symbolize heart and love shape. You can use it in comments, bio, and posts too.

Not only heart shape, but people also use Ɛ to use it while writing E. It looks very stylish and unique. But most of the people don’t understand how to type the same. And if you have noticed, while typing Ɛ> symbol sometimes automatically transforms into heart shape emoji, which is a cool trick for sure.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and check out the trick right away.

How To Type Backwards 3 or Ɛ On PC Keyboard?

So, you have a laptop or desktop, and you love to browse Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to post something or share comments. Now you want to learn how to use the backward 3 symbols as Ɛ; follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 1: Using MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel

  1. Click and open MS WordMS PowerPointExcel, or any other writing software available on your computer. Please note that the inbuilt notepad is not compatible with this trick.
  2. Next, you need to click and create a blank document and simply type 0190 and press the ALT-X buttons to make it the backward 3 or reverse 3.

Method 2: Using Google Docs

  1. After creating a new document on MS Word in Google Docs, click on the Insert tab, and on the very right section, you can get the symbol option.
  2. Just click on it and see the more symbols section to find the backward 3 symbols there.
  3. Once you find it, click on it and copy it from the document, and use it wherever you want.

How To Type Backward 3 On Android Keyboards?

If you are an Android phone user and want to use the backward 3 symbols, you should know that there is no such possibility to type it. But we still have a very simple solution for that. You can also copy the symbol directly from here- Ɛ and paste it into text messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. As I already told you on most of the social platforms, this Ɛ > symbol will automatically convert into a heart/love shape.

How To Type Ɛ Symbol On iOS/iPhone?

Similar to Android smartphones, you cannot type and make Ɛ in iOS or iPhones also. Again, you need to use copy-paste features and simply copy the symbol from here- Ɛ.

But some keyboards are available to use this symbol; however you do not need to do more hard work when you can simply copy and paste from above.

UpsideDownText: Type Text Backward

If you are still wondering or need another easy method to type backward Ɛ, then you can visit and their type numeric 3, and it will automatically get reversed for you below. From there you can and use it anywhere you want.

Apart from this, you can also write anything that is automatically converted into text effects like backward effect, which reverses text, or upside-down effect, which flips the text.

There is one HTML option to easily use the text for HTML pages and get it done. There are 2 options of Facebook and Twitter where you can post the text directly as status or post. All the text effects available here are free and without any ads or anything.

Final Words

This is a very common symbol to symbolize the heart shape or heart emoji on social apps. Some people may be worried about if there is any negative effect of the same but don’t worry; it will not cause any issues for your device or anything. Knowing this shortcut will save you time.

The biography section of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook looks better and stylish when you use this symbol to write anything. The normal Ɛ can be used as alphabet E and impress others, while if you know how to type reverse or backward Ɛ, it can be used to make love shapes or hearts.

I hope you have all the answers on how to type the “Ɛ” symbol on your smartphone or PC easily. I have also mentioned one website where you can easily get such text effects in no time. Do let us know if this guide was helpful for you and share the article to help others.

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